Friday, March 20, 2009

Grain Fish (Step 2) - Gluing the Frame

Gluing the frame to the planks. This is a fairly simple step for anyone who has already committed to building a Grain board, so I won't go into details. The trickiest part is not trying to mold the bottom to take the shape of the frame. If you have an adequate rocker table already built, you simply let the mechanical design of the table be a vice system for the board. Clamp down, let it bend and take shape, and clamp down some more. Just think of it as making the bottom of the board turn into the bottom exterior shape of the frame using one big vice system. The trickiest part of this step is making sure the keel stays straight, and not stressing the wood too much at the nose. And remember to keep your lines true. Don't forget about your original pencil markings. Remember that the keel is the center for the entire length of the board, so be accurate. It is one very important part for determining other lines of the board.

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