Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Toothy Out There!

Here's what I recently submitted to the Shark Research Committee. Don't let these shark encounters keep you out of the water though!

“On Sunday morning, June 7th, my wife and I were on the beach walking toward the north end of the Solimar Beach Colony in Ventura County. We eventually noticed some unusual birds in the sky, which appeared to be vultures. Sure enough, there were several vultures eating the carcasses of two different marine animals washed ashore. One was an unidentified juvenile shark, and the other was an adult sea lion. As we walked toward the carcasses, the vultures flew away so we could get a closer look. Based on the jagged teeth marks near the right pectoral fin and gills of the juvenile shark, this suggests the shark could have been attacked by a larger shark. The circular wound on the sea lion’s belly also looks like it was attacked from the same predator. Both the small shark and the sea lion washed ashore in the same area, about 20 yards from each other.”

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